Hurricane Thompson to Hit FIU

I don’t know who to feel worse for,  Isiah’s family or the entire FIU athletic dept? And to top off this most bizarre news that Florida International University makes an almost unfathomable decision to hire Isiah Thomas as the they’re head coach for the next 5 years [gulp] – they completely soil they’re shorts at the press conference… in Zeke’s defense, I don’t blame him for needing sleeping pills to get some shut eye….this move and FIU are doomed.

zeke thompson

Zeke Thompson

This morning at approximately 11:29 a.m., after mentioning nearly every politician in Miami-Dade County by name, from Sweetwater mayor Manual Morono to Hialeah Gardens mayor Yioset de la Cruz to Miami-Dade Commissioners Dennis Moss and Jose “Pepe” Diaz, and with a crowd of several hundred spectators and press breathlessly awaiting the announcement of the school’s brand-new head men’s basketball coach, Berkman ushered in the new era with the words, “I’d like to personally welcome Isiah Thompson.”



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