James Harrison Bails on Obama

I’m not big on this tradition but is this where you should make a public stand? I mean, really? This is why current NFL defensive player of the year, James Harrison said he decided to RSVP “no”, to the White House visit by the superbowl champion Pittsburg Steelers:

“This is how I feel — if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don’t win the Super Bowl. As far as I’m concerned, he [Obama] would’ve invited Arizona if they had won.”

source: yahoo sports

Well said, James. Well said. In a related story, Cape Cod Community College (a.k.a. “Quad C) is presenting James Harrison with an honorary degree next weekend. When contacted one of Mr. Harrison’s representatives stated: “James is very honored to receive this degree and as far as he’s concerned, knowledge is good.”


Will somebody please listen to Stan Van Gundy!!???

Question: Why even hire a coach when 1) nobody listens to him (see every time out in the magic huddle), 2) he’s only notable because he looks like porn star Ron Jeremy (aka “the hedgehog”) , 3) your best players are blantantly ripping into him after HUGE playoff games?

Answer: “The NBA Playoffs…where amazing happens…”

Serena Williams was in ‘Coming to America’???

Sometimes I think she’s a woman with a ridiculously athletic body…

But most of the time I think she’s Arsenio Hall playing a woman in ‘Coming to America’…”I’ve been watching you and I wanna tear you apart and your friend too…”

Rock Star


Beijing, Bong Hits and Strippers...and still quicker than a dolphin.

Beijing, Bong Hits and Strippers...and still quicker than a dolphin.

He might be losing endorsement dollars by the millions and has the conservatives in this country breathing down his neck…but in our book here at Leo’s World the aquatic ‘Master P’ as we like to call him, has officially become a Rock Star. 

“According to a stripper who was a participant in the marathon rapture of the deep, Phelps deserves another gold medal for his prodigiousness in the sack.”

Source: National Inquirer

I just hope “little” MP’s bathing suit was on tight for this latest escapade…

Racquet Sports + People Trying Too Hard = PAIN


Swine Flu Sweeps Across Egypt; ‘Crazy Legs Conti’ Could Care Less

Apparently, there are differing views on the severity of the swine flu outbreak around the world. At one pole you have the entire nation of Egypt…

Egyptian pig farmers have clashed with police in Cairo, as they tried to stop their animals being slaughtered. Hundreds of people at the Manshiyat Nasr slum threw stones and bottles at police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The government wants to cull all the nation’s pigs, a move UN experts say is not necessary to prevent swine flu.

source: BBC News

And at the opposite pole, the International Federation of Competitive Eating (a.k.a. IFOCE) and one of their cornerstone competitors, ahem altheletes, ‘Crazy Legs Conti’ – apparently “Legs”, the IFOCE and the fine people of Biloxi, Mississippi think “swine” means “chicken”. Oh and by the way, there was a “capacity crowd” on hand for this spectacle…

“Crazy Legs has won the first Nathan’s Famous qualifier with 25 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, earning a seat the table on July 4 and securing a measure of fame in Biloxi, Mississippi.”

"Abide, abibe...Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

Porky Pig was not available for comment.

source: IFOCE News

Hurricane Thompson to Hit FIU

I don’t know who to feel worse for,  Isiah’s family or the entire FIU athletic dept? And to top off this most bizarre news that Florida International University makes an almost unfathomable decision to hire Isiah Thomas as the they’re head coach for the next 5 years [gulp] – they completely soil they’re shorts at the press conference… in Zeke’s defense, I don’t blame him for needing sleeping pills to get some shut eye….this move and FIU are doomed.

zeke thompson

Zeke Thompson

This morning at approximately 11:29 a.m., after mentioning nearly every politician in Miami-Dade County by name, from Sweetwater mayor Manual Morono to Hialeah Gardens mayor Yioset de la Cruz to Miami-Dade Commissioners Dennis Moss and Jose “Pepe” Diaz, and with a crowd of several hundred spectators and press breathlessly awaiting the announcement of the school’s brand-new head men’s basketball coach, Berkman ushered in the new era with the words, “I’d like to personally welcome Isiah Thompson.”


Right to Procreate

Stories like this beg to ask the question, “should everyone have the right to procreate?”. Back in the day (say 13th -15th centuries) humans like this wouldn’t survive long enough to mate (see Darwin). But now in “modern” society animals like this cop are allowed to roam freely and better yet are given guns and badges.  It might be time to institute some sort of ‘Darwin’-esque rules for procreating…I give example 1A explaining why:

In a bizarre coincidence, another N.F.L. player has come forward with accusations that Officer Robert Powell was overzealous in detaining a motorist. Linebacker Zach Thomas said his wife was mistreated by Powell last year.

On July 27, 2008, while her husband was at training camp with the Cowboys in Oxnard, Calif., Maritza Thomas was pulled over by Powell for an illegal U-turn near NorthPark Center.Thomas was issued five tickets by Powell, four of which were later dismissed. Thomas was handcuffed, placed in the back of a police cruiser, spent about three hours in the Dallas County Jail and was threatened with the possibility of spending the night behind bars.

Source: NY Post

Oh, and if you want to give away 8 mins of your life too watch this pathetic excuse of a human being at work here ya go….

Los Lame


Last night was “Latino Night” for the bulls game.  So they changed the bulls uniforms to read “Los Bulls” instead of “Bulls”. This is all well and good (well, not really) but the real issue is that, as anyone who has gotten past Spanish 102 knows, the Spanish translation of “Bulls” is “Toro” NOT “LOS BULLS” YOU FUCKING MORONS!!  at best this can only be considered “Spanglish Night” at the United Center…or maybe “Los Lame Night”.

Uncle Leo to Arod: Fire your PR Company

You’ve got to be kidding me…I didn’t think is was physically possible to encompass  all the things that people hate A-rod for in one image but once again, I stand corrected…

“Aside from the curious photos, the most intriguing part of the story is when Rodriguez did the interview with writer Jason Gay. It was reportedly the evening of Feb. 5, hours after Rodriguez had been approached by Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts and asked about failing a drug test in 2003.”


"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darnit..."

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darnit..."